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Veganuary 2023

Veganuary 2023

In 2023 our biggest focus is going to be about creating healthy habits to carry through the year. New Years resolutions can create guilt and pressure. We think that aiming to introduce healthy habits into your daily or weekly routines seems to be a nicer way to look at things. A focus on health, wellbeing and positivity in 2023. A perfect way to start is Veganuary.

It’s back! No matter what it is that you regularly consume, January is all about celebrating and exploring vegan ways of living. There are no rules, no expectations. Just sharing and learning. 

There's a few ways to do Veganuary and none of them are restrictive and don't all involve putting down your steak bake. Veganuary should encourage trying new things rather than feeling like a restriction or a ‘lack of.’ There's no wrong way to get involved this month and it’s never too late to start.

Set reasonable and realistic goals that work for you and your lifestyle. If you try to do too much too quickly, you're less likely to enjoy or stick to what you're doing. Breaking down bigger goals into small bite sized and manageable goals tends to be the best way to adopt change. 

We have a range of diets and lifestyles here at Nil living. Here’s some examples of our Veganuary goals. We all have different budgets, lifestyles and diets so this really does highlight some of the ways you can get involved and still have it work for you. 


I work a lot and have a busy family life. Me, my partner and my children have no dietary restrictions and we eat everything. I'm going to aim to make three family meals a week fully plant based. Whether that’s lunches, breakfasts or our evening meal.

My children are adventurous eaters and i'm excited to see how they enjoy the meals and can't wait to get them involved when it comes to choosing meals to try. Also want to switch over to a vegan fabric conditioner indefinitely so i'll be using SESI fabric conditioner that we sell in-store.


I eat meat regularly, but I'm conscious of the environmental impact that it has. Being vegan is quite far removed from my current lifestyle, but I'm going to make an effort this month to be more mindful regarding my diet and consumption choices.

At the moment, I eat meat around 3-4 times a week. Cutting it out completely is possible for me, but too far removed from my current habit to be sustainable. Therefore, I've identified cutting down to 1 meaty meal a week to be a realistic goal. I'm also going for a stretch target of 1 vegan meal a week - I'm not going to put pressure on myself to achieve this, but feel it's good to have multiple levels.


I already use all vegan household cleaning products in my home including my personal care ie- shampoo and conditioner and obvs vegan condoms.

I eat meat most days but incorporate veggie meals a lot as me and my partner love to cook and eat our evening meals together when we can. I train multiple times a week including boxing so protein is important for me. My aim this Veganuary is to try a vegan deodorant out against my training routine and see if it can hold up. For that i'll use the Kiibok range we have in-store.I also aim to make at least one meal a day fully vegan and am interested to monitor how that effects my training and energy levels. I love trying new things food wise so this is exciting!

Jess- I have a very busy day to day life, and very busy home life. I am vegan and have been for a few years now. Most of my household cleaning is vegan already but my toothpaste is not yet a sustainable brand so that's one thing i'd like to change. In-store we have flouride and flouride free options so i'll test those out this month.

This Veganuary I want to incorporate different vegan meals and ingredients that i tend not to reach for. I get stuck in a rut easily when it comes to what i eat but don’t have time to try long complicated recipes. I want to try some of the freakier vegan bits and pieces that I haven't mastered yet and finally get vegan yorkies down hopefully!! 


As you can see, there's not one way to do Veganuary and the habits you choose to try out don't even necessarily have it be based around food! The good thing about refill shops is that you can control the amount of product you buy meaning you have the luxury to try out a new product before you commit to buying a lot. Thing's like washing up liquid and clothes washing liquid tend not to be vegan or environmentally friendly. Your local refill store will have a vegan, eco-friendly version that you can take a couple of washes worth of liquid to try out, not only saving you money but hopefully meaning you will fall in love with a vegan product you can easily incorporate into your routine. This is especially relevant when it comes to food. Grab a vegan recipe and shop by weight. This means you can try out your new vegan recipe without having any unused leftovers eliminating waste and saving a lot of money.

We challenge you to adopt a healthy habit this Veganuary, shop local, refill what you can and buy organic when you can.