Bubble Bath and Soap | Unfragranced from Sesi

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3 in 1 for Bubble Bath, Shower Soap and Hand Soap !

This product is unfragranced so you can add your own if you do like a scent.

Vegan, cruelty free and biodegradable plant-based formula from Sesi Refill.

This product can be purchased in a prefilled amber glass bottle to keep forever and then bring your bottle for instore to be reused and refilled, this product is sold by weight (grams) and costs 60p/100g.

This product is also available in returnable glass bottles 'milk man style', this is a useful option if you already have forever bottles at home. We'll simply collect the used bottles from you when you need a replacement.

We're pleased to offer this product in bulk on our own ciruclar system, this means we reuse 5L plastic bottles, we wash and reuse them again and again. We take away your empty 5L bottle when you buy a replacement. You pay the same refill cost for the detergent as normal and we charge a 10% fee to manage the system, this pays for the labour, water and santiser in the cleaning process.

*This item cannot be shipped due to the weight, this product is avilable for Click + Collect and Local Delivery only.