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Meet D, the world’s first reusable tampon applicator. Each one saves up to 12,000 disposable applicators from entering the ocean. Why chuck thousands of applicators when you can keep just one?

The award-winning design is self-sanitising, works with every size and brand of tampon, and lasts for life. Enjoy a comfortable period, without the plastic waste. Oh, it's also carbon neutral.

Kit includes;

• D Reusable Tampon Applicator

• Storage Tin, where possible we make everything re-usable. Store your tampons in here at home or work space.

• Cotton Zipper, use your breathable bag to keep everything safe while on the move.

• 6 tampons, keep your vagina healthy with chemical free organic cotton.


- To start with, take off the lid. Then pull out the plunger and place your unwrapped tampon inside the applicator. Make sure the tampon string is in the string lock hole, and freely hanging down towards the floor.

- Next up insert the applicator into your vagina at a 45 degree angle and use the plunger to push the tampon into your vagina. Stop pushing just before the plunger clicks into the applicator - your tampon’s now in place.

- Gently withdraw D from your vagina, leaving the tampon safely inside you.

- After each use, simply rinse your D under the tap and wipe with a tissue or towel, ensuring it's completely dry. In between uses, keep the lid on and store D in your DAME cotton zip wallet.

There's no need for dishwashers, boiling water or harsh treatment when it comes to D. These will just shorten its lifetime and compromise its antimicrobial properties.

Unlike other antimicrobial materials, D’s self-sanitising technology does not make use of chemicals, pesticides, biocides, heavy metals or other harmful substances. It's safe, hygienic, and reliable - for your body, and the environment” (DAME, 2020)