This is our story so far...

Nil Living was designed for those seeking a plastic free, zero waste and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

We want to make it accessible, simple and affordable for everyone to make small sustainable changes.

We are an independent brand founded in early 2019.

In 2019 I stumbled across a zero waste store down south and quickly began evaluating my habits. I realised I was very uninformed and ignorant of my destructive lifestyle and so began educating myself. I began making small everyday changes to live a little slower and consume less. I started refusing single use plastics and ditched the disposables. I began critiquing my routine and searching for access to plastic free alternatives and ethical shopping. I struggled to find access to local resources which were convenient and within my student budget. Adapting to a zero waste lifestyle was overwhelming, time consuming and not easy, so I founded Nil Living to give everyone the choice of a sustainable lifestyle. I envisioned ethical, budget friendly and easy shopping all in one place without plastic. I wanted to build a brand to empower and educate others, I am still learning and adapting myself, I am not yet zero waste but I am proud of my effort and motivation.

Lucy Ritson, Founder, 2019

Nil Living started out as a Market Stall at the Quayside Market and Tynemouth Market offering everyday plastic free and eco-friendly essentials on the weekends.

Nil Living was the First Liquid Refill Station consisting of Biodegradable and Plant Based Detergents, Organic Hair and Body Care Products. Customers were encouraged to swap to natural products and reuse bottles for refills.

In 2019 Nil Living was awarded the Best Retail Trader and was crowned the NMFT Young Trader of the Year in the region. Nil Living went on to represent the North East at the Young Trader Awards in Statford!


The Nil Living Store opened in September 2019 in the famous Grainger Market.

The Store introduced the exciting dried bulk food range, extended the liquid refill station and increased capacity for plastic free home care.

Nil Living became the first dedicated Zero Waste Shop in Newcastle !


When the COVID pandemic hit in 2020, we quickly mobilised our service and began offering local delivery for all of our products including our food range.

We managed to keep up with supply & demand when there were UK food shortages and we delivered over 800 orders to you during lockdown.

We also donated over 200kg of food to local charities and families in need.

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In March 2020, The Grainger Market which has been trading since 1835 and has survived two world wars, fires, the Great Depression and countless other major events during its 185 year history had to change, evolve.

Grainger Delivery was the Market Traders answer to the global pandemic crisis. We joined together to keep supplying our regulars with online orders during lockdown.

You can combine your shopping from us at Nil Living, your regular butcher, fishmonger, greengrocers and more.

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