Can't get to store for refills?

We've got your back!

You can now bulk buy liquids in reused 5L containers

We offer a convenient delivery service reducing your travel miles and time

This means you can refill your own smaller bottles at home or place of work

We will collect any empty 5L containers on the delivery, which will be washed and reused in our own circular system

Say hello to our New and Exclusive Circular Refill System !

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The Nil Living team make this so easy! They drop off new 5L bottles and collect our empties. We're saving money and time without missing out on being zero waste.

John, Jesmond

We love being able to buy our eco-friendly products in bulk! This is easier for us as family to refill our smaller bottles at home. When lockdown happened we didn't want to return to buying products in plastic, this scheme meant we didn't have to compromise our low waste ethics during a desperate and uncertain time!

Claire, Wallsend

I use the bus with a walker and not able to carry many refills home. I recently bought 5L washing up liquid as I use this refill product most. I can now refill my own little bottle at home. My neighbours are chipping in on my next order to buy more household cleaners to share. The delivery service is excellent.

Evelyn, Slatyford

As a business owner I want to reduce my waste as much as possible, not only for the environmental aspect but my clients appreciate this too! I now buy products in 5L bottles, working with Nil Living means I can support a local business whilst using eco-friendly products.

Vanessa, Tynemouth

Conscious & local businesses can also benefit from our Circular System, get in touch for a bespoke quote and start reducing your waste now !

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