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House Rules...


It is the customer's responsibility to ensure their containers and bottles are fit for purpose for refilling respective of our health and safty regulations. Customers ;

- Should clean their containers and bottles before refilling.

- Should have removed previous labelling before refilling.

- Must recieve the new product information independently whether printed on a stick over label or by other visual means (a picture, review wesbite, etc) before refilling.

Nil Living does not accept food or drink containers and bottles to be refilled with potentially hazardous products such as detergents. This is to ensure products are not eaten or drunk in error in your household.

Nil Living cannot return and/or refund any food or liquid once thy have been decanted into a customer's own container or bottle.

Nil Living cannt accept any damage or liability from the use of our refill products once they have been decanted into the customer's own containers or bottles.

Nil Living cannot held be responsible if customer's do not follow our refill house rules. Thanks for reading up x

House Rules...


Nil Living uses it's best endeavours to provide a working and shopping enviornment free from any discrimination or harrassment on the grounds of sex, gender, age, marital status, disability, sexuality, race, religion, ethnic,national origin or ANYTHING at all. All our employees and customers are treated with dignity and respect. Nil Living is an open and inclusive space. Be kind, be concious and love our community.

We operate a zero tolerance approach to abuse towards our staff or community, anyone guilty of this will not be part of our zero waste family. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and will do so to protect our team and customers.