We are a modern business with strong ethics at our core.

Our Pledges in Sourcing...


It is paramount that every person who comes into contact with our brand, whether that be a employee, a customer or a supply worker, are treated with respect. Before choosing our suppliers, we ensure they are a responsible employer. This means all staff are paid fairly and conditions in which they work are safe.

Support Local

We advocate supporting local where possible, not only to safeguard our local economy but to reduce our carbon footprint. We source lot's of products from local creatives, we pay our makers fairly for their talent and time.

We work with suppliers based on their approach to zero waste, brand ethics, the product integrity and their location. Most of our suppliers are female differing in age from various ethnicities and cultures. They're all super skilled in their own trade, individual and professional.

If we cannot source a product locally, we work with ethical wholesalers and cooperatives to import international goods of top quality.


In a bid to commit to reusable products over single -use, we say quality over quantity. Questioning quality is an important process of product research, we have to ensure the longevity and durability of our reusable products to prevent waste. We have rigorously sampled and reviewed every product we carry.

We are also happy to accept your requests and recommendations. We trust your judgement as we hope you trust ours.


We source organic food produce where possible for improved taste and texture, agricultural benefits and the associated environmental impacts of farming. We want our products to be affordable without compromising quality where possible, we take the time to review each item individually and compare organic vs non-organic prices.

Organic foods often have more beneficial nutrients such as anti-oxitants, than their conventionally grown counterparts and people with allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen. Organic food is often fresher because it does not contain preservatives and contains fewer synthetic pesticides.

Organic farming practices reduce pollution, conserves water, reduce soil erosion and increases soil fertility. Farming without pesticides also protects local wildlife and communities.


We are aware of the damage the textile industry has on our earth. Whenever we sell products that use cotton, we ensure that it is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). This means that the cotton comes from non-genetically modified plants and does not use any synthetic agricultural chemicals.

GOTS is recognised as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well

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FSC Approved

Any tree derived products we carry are FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council) approved. This means the raw materials use sustainable forest management and commit to the FSC mission;

'FSC will promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests'.

The paper packaging we use and carry is made from recycled material and fully recyclable and compostable

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The key objectives of the Fairtrade include a range of economic, environmental and social criteria that must be met by producers and traders in order to acquire Fairtrade certification, the minimum standards;

  • ensure that producers receive prices that cover their average costs of sustainable production

  • provide an additional Fairtrade Premium which can be invested in projects that enhance social, economic and environmental development

  • enable pre-financing for producers who require it

  • facilitate long-term trading partnerships and enable greater producer control over the trading process

  • set clear core and development criteria to ensure that the conditions of production and trade of all Fairtrade certified products are both socially and economically fair as well as environmentally responsible

To date we stock Fairtrade cocoa, dried coconut and cotton produce. We pledge to increase our Fairtrade products further and is actively apart of our product research approach.

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Vegan and Cruelty Free

We are not a vegan certified business or an exclusive vegan retailer BUT we do prioritise animal welfare !

We do supply certified vegan products and majority of our produce are plant based, and we ensure no products we carry have been tested on animals. We will not partner with any brand with any association to animal testing or questionable animal welfare.

We do supply some items which are not vegan, for example we stock wax wraps using beeswax and natural shaving brushes which are made using boar hair by-product from farming in Germany.

As a brand and personally we are researching and increasing our own awareness into veganism and the implications of animal welfare in the diary and meat industry. We do not discriminate against anyone's lifestyle choice or dietary requirements. Our staff and customers are not all strictly vegan, we welcome everyone.

Our Pledges as a Business...

Living Wage

We are committed to paying our employees the UK Living Wage which is significantly higher than the Governments minimum wage because we truly value and respect our team.

A hard day's work deserves a fair day's wage, we pledge to always fulfil this more than fair salary to our employees.

We intend to introduce an annual loyalty reward scheme where our employees can increase their income each year they are employed by us.

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Carbon Footprint

After a busy and hectic launch to our delivery service in 2020 which was created to keep you safe at home during the pandemic and essential to the survival of our business. We knew we had to consider the environmental impact of this service and introduce a solution to protect our region.

In 2021 we launched our Zero Emission Delivery Service with ZMove. Meaning when you order plastic free shopping from us your goods arrive by electric bike or van !

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Our Pledges to the Community...


Whenever opportunities arise for hiring employees, supporting our community and sourcing new products and suppliers, we ensure we are inclusive. Nil Living will speak up on important and current matters via social media platforms, Nil Living is a safe and welcoming place for everyone.

I recognise my privilege as a white, cis-gender, hetrosexual and able bodied woman (among other privileges) has directly impacted my position and business today. I understand that because of this, my journey as a business woman has been a lot easier than those who don't benefit from these privileges."

Lucy the Founder, 2020

We are creating a community through social media. It is important that our following is able to see us standing up for what is right in issues surrounding but not limited to climate and social justice.

Follow our social media pages for current news, we have saved 'highlights' on instagram where we share resources.

Nil Living is female founded and we're a proud feminist brand !

Feminism to us surrounds the rights and protection of all women, especially trans women, women of colour and disabled women.

About Us

Being a feminist to me means disrupting patriarchy, white supremacy and all oppresive forces, in all their forms through the way I choose to live. Feminism is about being aware of injustices faced by those most vulnrable in our society and through education and understanding, I am able to fight for the rights of others, I choose to empower those of all genders.

Lucy the Founder, 2020

Equality and Cultural Diversity

We appreciate individuals, groups and communities are more likely to face discrimination, harassment and exclusion in society. Therefore, we intend to publish an equality and diversity policy which is a written agreement about how Nil Living and all employees will avoid discriminating against people, and how Nil Living will create a safe and inclusive atmosphere for our employees and customers.

We intended to publish our Equality and Diversity Policy when written.

Gender Neutral

You won't find any 'Gifts for Her' or 'Man Sized products' at Nil Living, we do not categorise our products to any gender whatsoever. To improve gender equality we are selective about how we market our products and refuse to conform to any gender bias.

As a brand we use gender neutral language to avoid word choices which may be interpreted as discriminatory or demeaning by implying any social gender is the norm.

We do this because this constant reference to the binary male and female groupings can be alienating and offensive. Even for those who do identify as male or female, these constant reminders of gender may have an impact, we feel the constant segregation between male and female creates a divide.

There are NO taboo subject within Nil Living, we advocate for plastic free everyday ESSENTIALS including menstrual products, sexual health and wellness products. All of our staff are trained and happy to discuss any product line with you in store, it is paramount that we are fully informed and helpful to you.


We stood in solidarity and participated in the 2020 #blacklivesmatter protests but as a brand we intend to become an ally in the anti-racism movement. EVERYONE has a duty to combat racism (and other forms of discrimination) in the spaces they occupy.

We understand self-reflection and empathy is important but until we undo the structures that hold up anti-blackness across the world, injustice will persist.

Our pledges;

As a white owned business Nil Living must learn to really listen to colleagues, to recognise our own biases, histories, and everyday actions in a new light. We understand that being vocal about race, diversity, and inclusion is our own responsibility and not the job of our colleagues of colour.

We intend to include anti-racism training as a mandatory annual programme for all employees, we will share information on this literature when sourced and developed.

Although we work with various women of colour in our business, we intend as a brand to increase our supply chain to include more black owned businesses.

We have planned an anti- racism book exchange in store for customers and staff to utilise, we hope to begin a shared information resource in our community for free in 2021. The book exchange will showcase anti-racism literature and non-fiction from authors of colour, we hope this will include literature for all ages including children's books. We will gladly be accepting donations very soon, we'll share more information on our social media platforms when we're ready to start exchanging.

In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist

Angela Davis

We participate in the monthly #Blackpoundday initiative where we advocate in supporting local and national black owned businesses.

Black Pound Day is a solution-based approach to support the growth of the UK Black economy. As a direct and peaceful response to the systematic racism that creates un-equality for the Black community in the United Kingdom.

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Our Charitable Contributions...

Nil Living support multiple local charities and we use our platform responsibly to raise awareness. Charitable contributions have numerous benefits, but most importantly we are giving back to our community.

The charity we will continue to support in 2021 is The People's Kitchen in Newcastle. The charity is volunteer ran offering support and friendship to those most vulnerable in our city, the service provides hot meals, food parcels clothing and toiletries.

Since we opened our doors in 2019, we have independently donated over 670kg of food.

We recently introduced a scheme so you can donate too, AND we'll match your donation.

In November you donated over 60kg of pasta ! So we donated 60kg of pasta too !

This Winter help us donate even more...

Click for Kindness...